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My Boy by Margaret Adkins
A short play written for the Crave Arts Project: 'From Whisper to Voice'
Began as a Zoom Play Reading . Crave Arts . Worcester Live . 25th Feb. 2021

'My Boy' by Margaret Adkins | a microplay for the sequence 'Is This Love?' | Zoom Play Reading | Crave Arts | Worcester Live

Saturday 10th July 2021          . 7.30pm      Premier       . The Swan Theatre   Worcester

My Boy 

Lee Farley     .     Leah Adkins

Directed by Steve Wilson

Presented by Crave Arts    Supported by  Worcester Live

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Image . Chris Ford

My Boy - my debut play, in a set of four by different writers, exploring love as a theme; chosen by Crave Arts for performance in their 'Whisper to Voice' project, giving new writers a platform.

My Boy pays homage to my northern roots. It is set in Royton, a Lancashire mill town in 1933. Focused on a family's relationships, this historical lens explores the outcome of authoritarian parenting. A father and daughter are haunted by consequences of past choices.

It is a case of: 

'Be careful what you wish for'...



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