Publications & Awards



Mingled Space

V. Press (2019) 


2018 - Inaugural winner of the V. Press Prize for Poetry at University of Worcester. (Debut pamphlet: Mingled Space

2018 - Second Prize (and further poem highly commended) 

Christabel Hopesmith NHS 70 Poetry Competition 

Judges: Wendy Cope and Lachlan McKinnon. 

2017 - Commended in the Welshpool Poetry Competition. 

Judge: James Sheard.

Anthologised Poems:

Your Quarrel in: These Are The Hands: 

Poems from the Heart of the NHS. Fair Acre Press (2020) 

First Last Offices in: These Are The Hands: 

Poems from the Heart of the NHS. Fair Acre Press (2020) 

Home in: Home on the Move:

Two poems go on a journey. Parthian (2019) 

You Never Forget Your First Patients | Hassan in: 

Body and Soul: Poems to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the NHS.

Whitelight Press (2018) 

End of a Night Shift on a Nightingale Ward in: 

Body and Soul: Poems to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the NHS 

Whitelight Press (2018) 

Duddeston Viaduct 1930 in: This Is Not Your Final Form: 

Poems about Birmingham 

Launched at the inaugural Verve poetry Festival.

The Emma Press (2017) 

Prescribing the Pungent Root in: The Physic Garden

Poems inspired by healing plants 

Launched at Ledbury Poetry Festival 2017. Palewell Press (2017) 

Berkshire in: A Bee's Breakfast: 

hive of poetry for a fine old mishmash of lands.

Beautiful Dragons Collaborations (2017) 

Pechora Sea in: Not A Drop:

Just oceans of poetry 

Beautiful Dragons Collaborations (2016) 

Poems in Poetry Magazines: 

The Fairytale (2019) Issue 23 Under the Radar 

Unlikely (2019) Issue 28 Prole 

Poems Online



Ink, Sweat & Tears 

To the Woman with Grey Hair (2021) 

Tell Me Something - Poetic Licence Podcast

 First Last Offices (2020) Featured Publication: 

(These Are The Hands) Atrium 

There is a Bridge & Remembering (2018)

Contour - A Tale of Two Cities 

A Recipe for Apricot (Haired) Charlotte (Marsh) (2018)

Suffragettes Anthology 

Listen! (2018) Suffragettes Anthology 

Imagining a Changed Space (2017) Atrium 




Memories, Moments & Mingled Space (2019) Versopolis Poetry 


We Love to Eat: Sand-Pie Pudding to Remind us of Summer (2016) Family Life: The Guardian