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Mingled Space

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Colourised lamps | Mingled Space by Margaret Adkins | website version | V.Press
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Available  to purchase from: V. Press  £7.50 inc. P & P. (UK)

Original cover illustration by Ruth Stacey | Colourised images by Paul Adkins for website  purposes only |

Mingled Space: debut poetry pamphlet. 

V. Press 2019

Mingled Space | Margaret Adkins | V. Press 2019.png


"There's a strange charm to these poems, caught in the captivating throes of violence..."  

Probing the Imagination  Jade Cuttle

 “In Mingled Space, Margaret Adkins weaves together striking imagery, evocative speech and a variety of form and techniques to create a wide-ranging and beguiling look at family, society and life. This is a vivid selection of poems that I can see, taste, feel – a worthy winner of the inaugural V. Press Prize for Poetry.” 

Sarah Leavesley V.Press


"Adkins gives attention to tender details others might miss." 

Ruth Stacey

"Here is music and witchcraft and sometimes things moving Adkins' gaze shines a light into dark corners, noticing the small, the left behind and the lovely."  Deborah Alma

"These poems bristle with tenderness and beauty...domestic spaces inhabited by vivid characters leap out at you alive with a kind of gentle danger."  Roz Goddard

Lamp at the Window | Poems | Margaret Adkins Writing

It Watches for My Return


The lamp waits at my widow's window

all chubby. The light rounds where flowers

used to be vased for me by the man I loved.

Where cards for Christmas, Easter,

my birthday used to be stood up for me

by my children — who now live lives

with their children — who make them cards

with glitter and crayon and pasta. It

reminds me of plumpness; chewed flannels

in bath-light; the passing of evenings.

Its waiting reminds me of knowing.

No other will ever know my knowing.

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