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Course Review: Lucid Dreaming for Artists, Writers & Creatives: Online with Leah Larwood #TheMoonLab

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

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One benefit of social distancing is the plethora of intriguing courses that are now available online.

Margaret Adkins

I am an avid follower of #TheMoonLab, but travelling to Norfolk from the Midlands every week to attend a dream-mindfulness course with writer and hypnotherapist, Leah Larwood was never viable until Covid-19 struck and Leah transferred her courses online.

Based in Norwich, Leah is creator of The Moon Lab: the space where she practises her therapies and where she specialises in #dreamwork. I signed up for her Lucid Dreaming for Artists, Writers and Creatives course that took place online over four weeks, beginning in August.

Although a vivid dreamer in the past, I have rarely been able to remember a dream in recent years. On waking my mind has felt like the surface of a pond in sun: reflective and unable to show me images from the depths of sleep.

Curiosity drew me to this particular Moon Lab course. I hoped to repair my ability to recall dreams and find a new resource for ongoing creative writing projects.

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I have never experienced a #luciddream and didn’t fully understand the concept before considering the course. Once I understood that lucid dreaming is where the dreamer can control a dream, because they are aware that they are dreaming, I was doubtful of my ability to experience one. Nevertheless, the course appealed and I was very keen to learn.

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I joined a course of eight; the other members had varied experiences of lucid dreaming – some, like me, were beginners. We met on Zoom on a Sunday evening, finishing at 9pm, which I found perfect for continuing to be mindful after the session, before going to bed.

In summary, each session begins with a relaxation exercise. The course is structured around a ‘Workbook for Creatives’. Over four weeks dreamers learn about the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. Sessions include thirteen benefits of lucid dreaming; how to use dreams to inspire creativity; how to boost dream recall, the stages of sleep; how to deal with nightmares and how to use dreams to overcome creative blocks and also, one's inner critic. There is optional homework each week and encouragement to maintain a dream journal for recording dreams (lucid or not), visions, sensations and emotions that can be remembered from the previous night.

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There is no pressure to share experiences, but dreamers gain from listening to Leah respond to those who share. I fully expected to turn up with nothing to tell. Instead, I found that I could recall a dream the morning after the very first session. After suffering dreamlessness for years, it felt like a gift.

At least one fellow dreamer on the course has already achieved lucidity in a dream for the first time. For me, it is work in progress. I am now conscientiously dream journaling and though I still wake with no memory of dreams, I am more attentive to the ones I have; I feel more in touch with my sleeping mind and still aim to become a lucid dreamer. The course has inspired me to continue with the techniques that I have learnt from Leah and to work with my dream state for creative purposes.

The rapport Leah develops with each dreamer online is no less than face-to-face interaction.

Leah provides a safe, supportive space that is welcoming and friendly. Her expertise and knowledge of the subject instil confidence. She gently encourages and the rapport she develops with each dreamer online is no less than face-to-face interaction. There are several lucid dreaming courses at The Moon Lab. For anyone with a creative project, or standing at a crossroads of creative projects, or experiencing a creative block, who is interested in working with their dreams, this course for artists, writers and creatives, is for you…

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Dates for the next Lucid Dreaming for Artists, Writers & Creatives Course:

Autumn: 7 Nov, 14 Nov, 21 Nov, 28 Nov Over 4 Weeks | Saturdays | 1pm – 3.15pm

Winter: 17 Jan, 24 Jan, 31 Jan, 7 Feb Over 4 Weeks | Sundays | 7pm – 9.15pm

Contact Leah Larwood:

For more information on this and other dream work courses, visit:


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Twitter: @M4dkins

Margaret Adkins started writing when her nursing and midwifery career came to an end in 2015 after thirty-six years. She become a full-time student at the University of Worcester. She gained a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing & English Literature and an MRes in Theatre & Performance. Winner of the inaugural University of Worcester V. Press Prize, her debut poetry pamphlet Mingled Space is published by V. Press (2019).


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